harvest share

The Wayward Farm harvest share is a 16-week, prepaid vegetable subscription.

Each week, harvest share members will receive a bounty of seasonal vegetables. Weekly shares may contain 5-7 items. Items and quantities are subject to seasonality and availability (ie. no tomatoes in early June, or less tomatoes if weather, pests etc. are rampant)

An example of a typical mid-season share might look like;
2 slicer tomatoes
1/2lb of salad mix
1 bunch of basil
1 cucumber
1 bunch of carrots
1 bunch of scallions

Benefits of a Harvest Share

Freshness and flavour - vegetables are harvested at peak ripeness and are in your hands within 24hrs meaning they have the best flavour, are most nutritious, and will keep longer.

Priority of Limited/specialty items - It's not practical for us to grow EVERYTHING at our small scale, so we have included only enough of certain items for our harvest share members... sweet corn and melons anyone???

Support the farmers when they need it most - A majority of our expenses are incurred before we have any cash flow at the beginning of the season (seeds, soil amendments, equipment purchases. etc.). Your subscription fees help us start the season strong!

Becoming a harvest share member is more than a simple "transaction", it is a commitment between us, the farmers, and you the consumers.

We've put together a harvest share activity book for you to work on while you wait. Click the picture to download the workbook & print at home!