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Our Harvest Share is a 16-week vegetable subscription that will run from July until mid-October.

Each week, you will receive $25 worth of produce. A typical share will include a large bag of our community-famous salad mix and a combination of other vegetables that may include bunched greens, alliums, root and/or fruit vegetables. As a Harvest Share member, you will get first dibs on limited quantity produce (ie; melons, garlic, ground cherries etc.), that may not even be available to the general public! For a look at what we plan to have available this season, check out what we grow.

 The total cost of the 16-week harvest share is $400.
To make the Harvest Share more accessible, we have 3 payment options available; each are used as a coupon code upon checkout. Please use the coupon codes if needed. The remainder of the Harvest Share total is to be paid by June 1, 2021.

Option 1: $100 deposit
Coupon code: 100DEPOSIT

Option 2: $200 deposit
Coupon code: 200DEPOSIT

Option 3: $400 paid in full

If you find that the Harvest Share is not enough for your family (or too much), there will be opportunity to order vegetables directly through our online store or at market. An email will be sent at the beginning of each week to announce what will be available.

Thank you for supporting our family and our farm. We can’t wait to share our vegetables with you and your family this season!

We've put together a harvest share activity book for you to work on while you wait. Click the picture to download the workbook & print at home!